Saturday, October 31, 2009

Convert multi-burst photos into animated gifs

Here is an easy, free way to convert a multi-burst image like this:

Into a nice animated gif:

  • First install the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), download it from (or windows installer in

  • Then download the Multi-burst to animation script file: multi-burst-to-anim.scm and save it into C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\scripts for windows or into /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts under linux (you will know it is the right folder if you see several other .scm files).
    The GIMP is actually a very powerful image editing program, the script presented is just a little tool to extend its functionality, you can learn how to do many other interesting things with the GIMP.

  • Restart GIMP or refresh scripts with Filters -> Script-fu -> Refresh scripts from the main menu.

  • Open the original multi-burst image, you can apply filters to enhance the image if you wish, but if the picture was taken in portrait mode don't rotate the image (the script can do that) as it would change the order of the frames and the resulting animation would seem scrambled.

  • Time to use the script: right-click on the image and from the contextual menu, choose Filters -> Animation -> Multi-burst to animation.

  • The following dialog will pop up:

    The default options will work for a multi-burst photo with landscape orientation, change them if needed and click OK. The animation will be saved in the same folder and with the same filename as the original image, ending with "-anim.gif". Here is the resulting animation for the image above:

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  1. Works fine, thanks a lot :)

  2. read your blog,it is very beneficial for those persons who are interested in graphic design and participants through the Distance Learning.Gifs

  3. Many thanks for this tutorial. Works a treat :)

  4. Thank you very much!

  5. Fantastic. Congratulations for the way you explain the method.Thanks, once again

  6. HI
    thanks for trying to help people who have no clue (me). How do I get all the photos on one page like you have in the beginning? also when I go to save the burst file , I don't get an option of where to put it....
    I would love to make a gif animation of my two boys wrestling...

  7. Hi,

    The image on the top is just the image actually stored in the camera.

    The animated file will be saved in the same folder as the original image: if your image is called, say, "photo.jpg", the resulting file will be: "photo.jpg-anim.gif" (Yes, I know it's not super :-) ).

  8. The script still works, but saved file just doesn't play the animation even though it is saved as .gif file. It just shows first frame or is it last, doesn't matter, like it's jpeg.

    I don't know if blog is still active, but any new method that works with newer Gimp would be helpful.

  9. Hi! Sorry for the delay.

    I just tested the script and it works just fine (Gimp 2.6, Linux). What application are you using to visualize the gif file? Sometimes the default program doesn't support animated gifs.

  10. I'm sure this works based on everyone's comments, but like a couple of people here, I don't have a gif that is all the burst images together. My images off my camera are individual jpgs. Is there a way to select all the jpgs into a single gif image so I can then play the animation? I tried selecting the images to open in gimp but it just opened each one as an individual image (which is what they are).
    Thanks. Hope someone is still out there monitoring this.

    1. Hi, you can doit by hand with GIMP. You must create a new image and paste each of your jpgs into a new layer, then use the animation package; see the details in

      In fact, this is what does the "Multi-burst to animation" script, but taking each frame from the single multi-burst image.

      How do the filenames of the jpgs generated by your camera look like? Maybe I can modify the script to work with such type of images...

  11. Excellent!!! I did not know what to do with this type of images for years, and now I am occupied with making a .gif's of them all night long :) Thanks and greeting from Macedonia...

    1. Hi! Thanks for your feedback, this post is pretty old and it's good to know the script still works.